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“Kenny has an incredible resume as a player and as a coach. There is nobody in Eastern Washington, maybe even the west coast, that can break down infield play like Kenny. I understand Kenny is offering infield camps in Spokane. If you live in that area and have any aspirations what so ever of playing infield at a high level……you’d better go see Kenny.”

Bill Stubbs
Seattle, WA
Scout and Infield Instructor

“Attending coach’s camp was a sight for sore eyes. I loved seeing his passion and energy when he was working with the kids. I’ve seen a lot of camps where they just roll out the baseballs and collect the money. Kenny has a genuine interest in working with the players and helping them get better. ”

Bobby Lee
Spokane Falls CC
Head Coach


“I have been around some pretty good infielders. Kenny teaches fundamentals that you see the best of the best using. If you get with Kenny, he will teach you skills that will help you advance your infield play.”

Bump Wills
7 years MLB
Rangers, Cubs


“In 2016 we won the Idaho 5A State Championship. Three of our four infielders (Kodie Kolden, Jarred Hall, Kyle Manzardo) have spent a lot of time working with Kenny. He develops some of the finest players in this region. I send my children to work with him and I recommend Kenny to all my Lake City HS players. I also want to mention how much I admire Kenny’s no nonsense style. He tells players what they need to hear, not always what they want to hear.“

Paul Manzardo
Lake City High School
Head Coach

“Two things about Kenny. First, I’ve never had a player who loved baseball and being on a baseball field more than Kenny Eilmes. I always think of Kenny whenever I hear the Pete Rose quote, ‘I would walk through hell in a gasoline suit just to play baseball’. Second, if Kenny is putting on a camp, you don’t want to miss it. The instruction taught at his camp is that of a professional and is second to none. Kenny teaches techniques and fundamentals that are used at high levels of the game. So if you want your son to learn advanced infield play, I’d recommend you send him to Kenny’s camp.”

Denney Crabaugh
Oklahoma City University
NAIA Baseball Hall-of-Fame; Head Coach

“I really like what coach teaches and how he teaches it. He develops infielders like few can. My own children have attended many camps and can’t wait to attend more!”

Alex Schuerman
Mt Spokane High School
Head Coach

“There aren’t many guys that can break down infield like Kenny. He can explain it, demonstrate it and provide tons of opportunity to practice it. I’ve seen his camps first hand and the kids were engaged and disciplined. Kids walk away from his camps having improved. I highly recommend Premier Mitts if you are looking to improve on infield play.”

Don Marbut
Houston Astros

“Baseball is a skill sport.  Even the best athletes need to develop their skills.  It’s imperative that young players learn the correct approach to infield play.  Kenny’s experience and approach teach kids the right way to play the game.  I highly recommend Kenny to any young player interested in taking their game to the next level.”

Jeff Simmelink
Club Spokane Dodgers 18u
Head Coach

“Kenny teaches a style that you don’t see taught, called Latin actions. I’ve hit fungos for coach for 8 years and a couple things stand out. First, the players that attend usually attend often. Second, coach’s players can flat out pick it. They stand out over any other infielders near or far. I encourage all of my players and the kids in the feeder schools to attend Kenny’s camps. Players and parents will leave very happy with what Kenny provides.”

Mike Cagle
Cheney High School
Head Coach

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