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For the decade we have put on camps, we’ve been fortunate to have some pretty special people stop by to talk and work with the kids. Former Major League infielders Kevin Stocker and Bump Wills were kind enough to bring out their glove and demonstrate techniques that helped them be successful at the highest level of the game. Kevin and Bump, along with the other speakers, also spoke on topics such as; the mental side to being successful on the field, how attitude in sports play such a vital role in shaping your future outside of sports, how to compete in all walks of life, and what coaches and scouts look for in potential players. Some of the kids even walked away with an autograph or two. At any given camp, you never know who might show up.


Kevin Stocker
8 years MLB
Phillies, Rays

Jack Spring
8 years MLB
Senators, Angels


Bump Wills
7 years MLB
Rangers, Cubs


Bill Lee
14 years MLB
Red Sox, Expos

Lyle Overbay
14 years MLB
Brewers, Blue Jays

Jeremy Affeldt
14 years MLB
Giants, Royals



Ken Eilmes, Sr.
North Central HS
GSL Coaches HOF


Mike Cagle
Cheney High School
Head Coach


Jim Wasem, Sr
Eastern Washington University
Retired Head Coach


Donnie Marbut
West Coast League

Shawn Henry
Cleveland Indians

Craig Ehlo
14 years NBA
Cavs, Hawks, Sonics


Mark Rypien
13 years NFL
Redskins, Browns, Rams

Keith Snyder
Spokane Falls CC

Gail Cogdill
11 years NFL
Lions, Falcons

Don Ressa
University High School

Jason Laugen
Ephrata High School
Head Coach

Jim Wasem
Rogers High School
Head Coach

Paul Manzardo
Lake City High School
Head Coach

Dan Ramsay
Whitworth University
Head Coach

Bobby Lee
Head Coach

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